SupaCare celebrates their 20 anniversary this year. Its been an exciting adventure and we are still eager to help our clients with their everyday needs. We do our best to ensure that the staff offered to the client meets the actual requirement of the client.

We offer a personal service paying attention to detail and to follow the wishes of all our clients. Every new enquiry is discussed with our team and so we all understand the position offered.

We do everything possible to place the employee to suit the post which needs to be filled.

It is company policy to give an in depth interview to all the applicants wanting work. They have to the legal right to work in the UK and have checkable references from their previous employers.

We offer staff who are happy to live in or live out on a full time or part time basis. Whether you need a Housekeeper. Nanny Mothers Help a Companion or Butler. Couples would only live in.

We can source candidates to look after all types of homes, whether you live in a large or small house or an apartment , we want to make sure that the people we offer can carry out the duties you require.

We suggest that it is worth preparing a list of duties you want carried out each day so the employees knows exactly how you like your home to be run. SupaCare is happy to discuss this with you once you have found the person you would like to employ.

If you have special requirements we can address this for you. Maybe you would like someone who can drive or you need someone to travel or has looked after antique furniture or whatever you need.

We aim to find the best people and like to treat the staff with the same respect as we treat our clients. We like to ensure that they are happy in their place of work and we do keep in touch with them once they are placed in your home.

We are very fortunate that many of the people we interview keep in touch and return to us if their employment ends. Also we have many clients who return to us for our help

We look forward to helping you whether you are looking for someone to help you or you need to find employment.

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