Any Location Would be Possible

Live-in nannies would have experience with new born children and up to school age. Some of the applicants could have NVQ or Ofsted qualifications. The nanny would be responsible for the children or babies looking after their every need.

It is important for the parents to specify how they want the children to be cared for. The nanny is expected to participate in the social and intellectual development of the children, in areas such as potty training, language and manners.

Playing with them maybe helping them to read, and making sure they don’t watch television all the time! They should understand their dietary requirements and take them to the park when the weather is good enough, when it is not then they should play with the children at home.

They should have their own room and should not be expected to share with a baby or one of the children.

The parents may have special requirements, they may need a driver, someone who can travel or swim or even wants another language.

They usually like to be employed for 5 days but will consider longer for the right remuneration. Most nannies will be expected to clean the children’s rooms, do their laundry and keep all the toys tidy.

They may be asked to empty a dishwasher but a nanny would not be expected to do any general housework, this would be expected of a Mothers Help.

All permanent employees have a statutory right to 28 working days paid annual holiday. You can count the 8 Bank Holidays as part of their holiday and therefore the employee should receive 20 days holiday pay. This should be clarified prior to employment.

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