You may not need a formal chauffeur but need someone who can be insured to drive your car. The driver would have to have a clean license and experience in driving people in the private sector.

We would not consider someone who has been a Lorry, Taxi or Van driver. The people registered with SupaCare must have worked in the private sector and able to produce checkable references. They should have a minimum of 3 years in the London area.

What you can expect from a driver:

  • He should be familiar driving in the London area for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Well presented in a suit and tie if required.
  • Must speak fluent English and used to taking instructions.
  • Happy to be available  to work unsociable hours , for example when the employee needs to fly in or out of one of the airports.
  • The driver may be required to take the client to a restaurant or theatre. There may be occasional work at the weekend.
  • Where as someone who is a qualified Chauffeur may not be happy to help with light household maintenance, changing light bulbs or mowing the lawn, the ideal driver would be pleased to help.
  • You may need children to be picked up from school or activities or taken to medical appointments.

All these everyday jobs would be responsibly carried out by a driver who enjoys his work and has respect for his employer.

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