SupaCare can place couples anywhere in the UK and abroad. All the couples put forward by us are interviewed in person in our London office and have checkable references.

Couples fall in to several categories. Some of our clients would require very experienced and formal couple. Other clients would prefer to have staff without the formality but still very experienced.

There are other clients who require less formal help and these positions can be filled by a younger couple who would have a less experience and be more casual.

Formal Couples:

A formal couple would offer a trained Butler whose duties would be meeting and greeting guests, all skills in the dining room, knowledge of laying and serving at table, understanding of wines.
Making sure that the silver is cleaned and no smears on the glassware. They could be required to do some valeting and could be expected to do chauffeuring duties.

They should be capable of being in charge of other staff. The partner would be required to be responsible for all household duties, making sure that the home was clean at all times. Changing bed linen, being responsible for the laundry and also maybe expected to cook.

Less Formal Couple: 

Clients may prefer to have a driver/handyman who may be required to have some experience in gardening and might be asked to help in the home with household duties. The partner should be experienced in all aspects of running a household and would be expected to cook. Most couples are happy to take care of children and most like animals.

Informal Couples:

Many of our clients do not need any formality. They just want a couple who are more casual, probably in their mid twenties who are capable of driving, some household maintenance and looking after the garden. The partner in this case would be responsible for household duties, laundry and should be able to offer basic cooking.

Other Skills:

This is by no means every combination of Couples that SupaCare can offer.

Some couples may have one partner who is:

  • a chef;
  • an estate manager;
  • an excellent nanny;
  • PA or;

Whatever set of skills you require SupaCare do our best to introduce the perfect candidates for the job.


The couple would expect their own accommodation and would usually work 5-5 ½ days per week this is negotiable. Many couples realise that they are required to work at the weekend. A formal couple would expect in excess of £45,000 per annum. For the less experienced and casual couple you would expect to pay a minimum salary of £34,000 per annum.

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