As a busy person you may need a PA to help you with all the day to day necessities of life. The  position  covers many tasks. You may be a parent who is working and does not have time to run your home and look after your children’s needs, or you may need help arranging for appointments for doctors, dentist or even the hairdresser or manicurist.

So what can you expect from a PA:

  • The priority is that a PA must be very organised.
  • The PA  can plan your daily routine and make sure you are aware of your appointments and  can organise  and maintain your diary. The person employed would be expected to be computer literate.
  • You may need someone who can filter your calls whether private or business and arrange for meetings or book a restaurant.
  • You may need to order or buy food  the PA could do the shopping and pick up the dry cleaning or collect prescriptions from the chemist.
  • You may want tickets for the Theatre, a Concert, or even a cinema or restaurant booking.
  • You may need information about travel whether it be on business or just a well deserved holiday or week-end break. Your PA would be able to give you ideas, contact the airlines, source hotels and do all the bookings once you have decided where you want to go.
  • You or the children may need medical appointments to be arranged and the PA may even be required to escort them.
  • If you are planning a party or special celebration the PA would discuss this in detail. Arranging for the invitations and ideas to make it special. Recommendations for the venue, caterers and suggested menus. Florists and generally organising  appointments and following your instructions. Maybe some entertainment may be required. All these would form part of the requirements and could be managed expertly by a PA.
  • It may be that you would be required to attend meetings and these could be scheduled for you.
  • If there were things which needed maintenance in the home this would be something a PA would do by calling the engineers ot builders needed.
  • If you needed to recruit new staff a Housekeeper, Cook,  Nanny or Driver the PA would be expected to approach the agencies  read  the CV’s organise and appropriate interviews.

Being a Business Person or a woman  leading a full life a PA can be indispensible, once you have the perfect PA you would wonder how you ever lived without this person

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