We live in a busy world and it is often difficult to balance your career, child care and keep your home clean and organised.


At SupaCare, we understand that you would really appreciate an extra pair of hands to help with the cleaning, laundry, managing your home and other housekeeping duties. We can offer you this with our experienced Housekeepers in London.

The hours for this role cover a 5-5½ to 6 day working week. For those Housekeepers with exceptional experience and extra skills or qualifications, such as a professional cook or someone who can drive, a top salary should be addressed.

If you are seeking help to Live-In, you can be assured that SupaCare only offer experienced Housekeepers to take on this essential role. The Housekeeper would be responsible for the wellbeing of the family and are there to help with the busy schedules. They would be able to work flexible hours.


SupaCare can help with housekeeping services in the Greater London area. We have a minimum call-out of 15 hours per week.

The role of a Live-Out Housekeeper in London is to work as many hours as is needed each week. Housekeeping duties would include the cleaning of your home, washing, ironing, cooking and helping with children if required. Every Housekeeper we recommend is experienced and would have checkable references. The salary is dependent on the amount of experience and relevant qualifications. The responsibilities of the role are discussed with every applicant and they are given a clear set of guidelines as part of the interview process.

If requested, SupaCare will offer housekeeping guidelines for clients.

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