SupaCare thinks of a nanny as someone who only wants to look after very young children. We prefer to refer to someone looking after children at school as needing a Mother’s Help.

There is a difference as a Mother’s Help, as the name refers, means that the person looking after the child will help with other duties which a parent may need. There is always a big demand for this type of help. The duties of the Mothers Help will be quite extensive as different families have different requirements.

As an example the person needed for after school care will collect children from school either by public transport or by car. It is usual for the employee to use the family car and the family will insure the Mother’s Help to drive their vehicle.

You should be aware that if you want the person to use their car they must have a business insurance if driving your children. If anything should happen whilst  driving your children, for which they get paid and they do not have a business insurance then the insurance company would not be responsible.

The duties you could expect from the Mother’s Help are numerous. It is your prerogative to decide what are your specific needs. They are usually expected to work  for 3 to 4 hours generally in the afternoon.

They would collect your children from school. Generally the children would expect some food which the parents would have prepared or the Mothers Help may be required prior to the school collection to prepare the meal for the child’s return. They may be required to help with homework, this would normally apply to the younger children.

The older ones would be more supervision making sure that the children don’t skive off  to watch Television! The Mothers Help could be asked to keep the kitchen tidy, make sure the  children’s rooms are tidied, empty the dishwasher but would not be expected to do general housekeeping, although if this is needed arrangements can be made if the employee wants to earn extra money.

Anything is possible and we are always happy to discuss exactly what you need to make your life easier.

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