SupaCare can find you a Cook to Live In for any location. If you need a Cook to Live Out we can help in London and the Home Counties.

A Cook/Chef would be able to adapt to the culinary requirements of the household.

The Cook will be very experienced and many will have qualifications. They will be able to Cook for a family who want healthy food or a dinner party where you would require more exciting food and would be able to prepare special cuisine for any events you may have. If you entertain a lot or just run a very busy home you need a good cook.

The Cook will also be responsible for:

  • planning menus, which they would discuss with you;
  • doing the shopping;
  • keep the kitchen spotless;
  • they would be expected to show awareness of food safety and hygiene;
  • they would have attention to detail;
  • taking note of any allergies and dietary requirements;
  • following a menu plan if it was required;
  • the Cook may be required to lay and serve at the table.

With some time and flexibility a Cook will get to know your preferences and create fantastic and healthy (if you want!) meals for the family.

Many of the Cooks who SupaCare place have experience with vegan and vegetarian diets, food allergies, Kosher and Halal. Every position we fill is different and if you need someone who can Cook particular cuisines such as British, Mediterranean, Chinese, French, Asian or anything else this can be addressed.


A Cook will expect to work 5 days per week when living in  though most will be flexible and this can be negotiated depending on the nature of the position.

For a live out Cook they would probably work on an hourly basis. The salary will vary depending on experience and qualifications or the candidate.

If you would like someone to prepare lunch or dinner but do not think you need someone exclusively for cooking, SupaCare can still help as we have many housekeepers who are good cooks and who love to perform the combined role.

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