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Whether you’re a working mum, have commitments which mean you need someone to care for your children or just need a few hours a week childcare assistance to lighten the load of a busy lifestyle, a nanny London is a wise decision. Nannies London are an invaluable part of any household and can offer knowledge, experience and skill in ensuring the younger members of your family are safe , happy and entertained whilst you concentrate on those areas of your life which take up so much of your precious time.

SupaCare offer nannies who are friendly, hard-working, empathise how busy your life is as well as being completely dedicated to the care of your young ones.

We offer nannies in London and the south east who are available for either live in or live out positions.

Live in Nanny

A live in nanny will become part of your family as they will take up residence at your home. Having a live in nanny means they are not subject to the London commute and it also gives everyone the chance to build a more intimate relationship as they are living with you all the time.

You’ll find that a live in nanny is also a boon in helping with light housework jobs such as cooking and washing clothes as well as being available for babysitting.

All SupaCare live in nannies London are trained and have experience in working in a family environment. They will be expected to work unsupervised and will help the children with their development in areas such as language development, potty training and social awareness.

The salary for a live-in nanny starts from £400.00+ for 5-5 ½ days per week plus one full weekend off each month.

Live out Nanny

A live out nanny London will be available to work up to 50 hours per week for you without the need for residential accommodation in your home.

They can fulfil all the tasks and responsibilities of a live in nanny, the main difference in the day to day employment is the fact accommodation will not be required.

SupaCare live out nannies are fully trained and have the necessary skills to work within your family home.

The salary for a Live-out nanny starts from £10.00+ per hour plus travelling expenses. We have a minimum call-out of 15 hours per week.

Checks we make

All the London nannies provided through SupaCare undergo a comprehensive interview as well as a series of reference checks. We only offer nannies with clear English-speaking skills. Undertaking this service before you employ them as staff means that you can be rest assured and with complete peace of mind that your nanny is qualified, experienced, trustworthy and honest.

Salary and employer conditions

Salary rates will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of employment. It is helpful to discuss holiday requirements and arrangements before employing a nanny. If you require a live-in nanny who can drive, this should also be stipulated as a requirement.

If you are looking for a nanny please call SupaCare today on 07960 179 300 or email

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