Even Royals Need Professional Nannies from Nanny Agencies in London

Even Royals Need Professional Nannies from Nanny Agencies in London

Although Prince William left the armed forces in 2013, he still retains his royal duties, particularly appearing on the Queen’s behalf. The same goes for his lovely wife, Kate Middleton. With Prince George joining their lives, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge start to feel the pressure of royal duties, unable to give enough time to raise their heir by themselves.

duchess of cambridge breaks tradition to hire a young foreign nanny
This is why they’re currently looking for a full-time nanny to bring with them on their next trip, although this is not necessarily the first time they’re doing so. The couple once had a part-time nanny, but at 71 years old, she couldn’t bear a long overseas trip. Recent reports like this one from the Daily Mail say their new nanny is roughly 50 years old younger.

“Prince William’s former nanny, Jessie Webb, has been helping raise their seven-month-old, but now 71 she is said to be reluctant to travel for the best part of a month on their tour of the southern hemisphere.

‘Jessie has been an amazing help to the couple but she felt she was unable to carry out a very demanding tour to the other side of the world,’ I’m told.

‘The duke and duchess have been looking for a new nanny since January. They have now hired a woman who is about 22 and foreign.’

It is not known whether the couple appointed the nanny via an agency or if she was recommended by friends.”

The chosen nanny would be traveling with the family to Australia and New Zealand for three weeks. They hope that a younger nanny would be able to take the exhausting trip.

Nanny agencies in London like SupaCare Services can provide nannies while couples are on overseas trips or are just really busy. While they are certainly no substitute for quality family time, they can take care of the child while working parents can carry on with their jobs for the family’s sustenance.

Child population in the U.K. has experienced a drop, but as of 2009, that number is steadily increasing according to the Office for National Statistics. The increase was attributed to the growing number of children under 5 years of age, a 2-percent increase from 3.7 million kids in 2008.

As a matter of fact, the ONS also reported a shift to formal childcare like hiring a London nanny from informal childcare (no monetary transaction involved). Formal childcare under 5 years old saw the most growth from 1995, from 490 hours to 668 hours in 2010. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are among those who understand the importance of having a nanny handy.

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