SupaCare Services are delighted to offer our clients, specially selected, first class assistance of highly sought-after Filipino, British, European, Asian and other legal applicants to work as housekeepers, mothers help, companions, couples, butlers and chauffeurs.

Every one is personally interviewed in our central London office based in the Marylebone area. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. All must have the proper legal documents permitting them to work in the UK.

Careful consideration is given when searching for the perfect candidate to offer. Each applicant is chosen to match your needs and fulfill your requirements. When looking for help it is essential that you feel comfortable with the person you choose. We take the time to listen to and ensure we understand the full requirement of your needs and the type of person you are looking for.

We have a large database of applicants and take the time to specifically select suitable candidates for you. All of our candidates have over 3 year’s experience, and in most cases, notably more.

SupaCare Services have over 16 years experience and we pride ourselves on placing the best staff to carry out your requirements .We understand how difficult it can be to find to place the right employee to  help in your home. Our aim is to make the whole process of recruitment as smooth as possible.

We are committed to matching candidates who are hardworking, cheerful, flexible, reliable and most importantly able to fulfil your needs.

We look forward to assisting you.


It can be confusing what is offered and what to expect when considering assistance in your home. To help you make the right decision on your requirements here is a short descriptive list to assist you.


  • Household duties: Cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and silver/antique polishing
  • Laundry: Washing, delicate fabric, ironing, making and changing bed linen
  • Assisting with grocery shopping and putting shopping away
  • Cooking, food preparation and clearing up
  • Help look after the children

Mother’s Help

  • Looking after the children and sole charge may be required
  • Housekeeping duties as above, however not at the same standard as a housekeeper
  • Driving related duties, e.g. running errands and school runs. (Not all mother’s helps are able to drive in the UK)


  • All childcare duties: Bathing, feeding, sole charge, actively participating in children development
  • Light housekeeping duties relating to children; tidying rooms, food preparation
  • School runs, play dates and other social activities


  • Light housekeeping duties as above, however not as thorough as a housekeeper
  • Providing toiletry and helping to get dressed
  • Cooking, food preparation
  • General companionship, someone to talk to and enjoys company
  • May be required to drive


  • Be in charge of all household staff such as a Housekeeper, Cooks and Maids
  • Act as a Valet and Personal Assistant
  • Ensure the house is maintained and responsible for general upkeep
  • Contacting workmen/repairers if assistance is needed
  • Light cooking duties if required


  • Must drive luxury cars such as Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce
  • General maintenance and servicing family vehicles
  • If required run errands, collect shopping, members of family or friends to events and in return collect them.
  • Some may need to help in home maintenance and gardening


  • Partner would be responsible for all aspects of running a household and cooking.
  • Helping with childcare if required
  • Driver/handyman with gardening experience and understanding household duties


Tips on interviewing your applicants

Interviewing prospective employees can seem daunting however this should be the moment in finding out who will fit best with your requirements and most importantly fits best with your family.

It should be noted that English may not be their first language and this is a common occurrence with many of our applicants, we suggest you take your time, and keep your questions simple and to the point. A great topic to start an informal conversation can include questions about their families and interests, what brought them to the UK and what aspects of work they enjoy and hope to fill.

Travel Arrangements

If you are looking for Live in help and you live out of the London area the applicant would expect to be reimbursed for their fares. If the employer is London based then we would expect the applicant to use their own means of transportation.


Hours of Work

When employing help for your home it is important to specify the hours of work that you require and be clear regarding their free time.

As a guide, our live in candidates are happy to work between 35 to 50 hours a week, with at least 1 ½ days off.

Live out candidates will work a minimum of 15 hours to 50+ hours a week dependant of your requirements.

Holiday Entitlement

All permanent employees have a statutory right to 28 working days paid annual holiday. You can count the 8 Bank Holidays as part of their holiday and therefore the employee should receive 20 days holiday pay.


It can be difficult for your new employee to make the transition into joining your household. Some can be extremely shy and nervous so bear in mind to make them feel welcome.

Routine and writing up a schedule can make the ‘breaking in’ period more manageable on both parties. Making a list of duties, talking through their responsibilities and showing them how you want things done will save time and confusion, ensuring the best out of your new employee.

Queries applicants have about starting new positions within a household are often allowances on food. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide either food or a food allowance. Misunderstanding on what food is allowed to be taken or lack of is one of the main causes for applicants leaving. It is best to talk to your new applicant and find out what they like and what they are able to have.

Discussing time off and holiday entitlements such as bank holidays is important so they can understand what they are allowed.

As all of our applicants are legally allowed to work in the UK it is the responsibility of the employer to pay their TAX and National Insurance. We are able to supply you with the relevant information to help you understanding your rights and obligations. If they need to apply for a new visa it is for them to pay and not the employer.

If you would like to take your employee traveling with you they need to have either an EU passport or apply for a temporary visa relevant on the country you are traveling to. You will need to contact the Embassy of the country to arrange for this visa. Remember to allow ample time to organise and obtain this visa.

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