For the mother’s who have recently returned to work, or have commitments preventing them from being able to balance constant care of their children, our Mothers Help, Greater London offers an experienced nanny to provide care including seeing to clothing, meals and school runs. Our nannies have a range of qualities suited for each family following a series of routine reference checks and interviews, and all speak clear English.

The Mothers Help offers two types of nannies: a live in nanny is often opted for, as they cut out time consuming commutes, allow a more intimate and trusting relationship between employer and employee, and efficiently increases productivity, and each nanny is required 2 days of a week, and the occasional weekend, and can offer babysitting night shifts. A live out nanny is can work up to 50 hours a week, and fulfils the same tasks as a live in without taking residence.

Salary rates guidelines can be provided by the Mothers Help, Greater London, and it is advised to discuss holiday arrangements prior to becoming employer and employee.

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