Working mothers often find balancing work, housekeeping and family a difficult task, and more and more are beginning to use nannies in Greater London to employ help to alleviate the load. Offering a wide range of light housekeeping skills, cooking and responsibilities, nannies are an ideal choice, freeing the time you just don’t have currently. To ensure complete peace of mind as a parent and employer, our nannies have undergone a thorough interview process and series of reference checks, and are able to provide clear English-speaking nannies.

In Greater London, nannies are more often live in to reduce the difficulties of commuting when being called in, and are permitted 2 days off a week, with occasional weekends off, allowing the nanny and employer to determine a more trusting relationship. A live out nanny fulfils the same tasks as a live in, and can work up to 50 hours a week.

Salary rate guidelines are provided by the agency, though it is advised that before engaging in a employment, holiday arrangements ought to be discussed and compromised if necessary.

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