Balancing work, housekeeping and family is a difficult task, and more and more families are beginning to use the Child Care Agency, Greater London to employ help to alleviate the load. Offering a wide range of light housekeeping skills, cooking and responsibilities, nannies free the time you just don’t have. For assurance as a parent and employer, our nannies have undergone a thorough interview process and series of reference checks, and are able to provide clear English-speaking nannies.

A Child Care Agency’s live out nanny is prepared to work up to 50 hours a week, not including babysitting if necessary, fulfilling a live in’s tasks, but without taking residence. A live in nanny is often chosen for the ease of which it brings the family, and is permitted 2 days off a week, with the occasional weekend off.
Salary rates can vary, but guidelines are provided by the Child Care Agency, Greater London, and it is advised that holiday arrangements are discussed prior to employment.

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