Why You Need a Housekeeper

Employing a Housekeeper London means that your time becomes your own. You can concentrate on work or other responsibilities without the worry of returning home to start cleaning, laundry or having to worry about all the household chores.

Employ a professional Housekeeper and you will welcome a keen, friendly and dedicated person into your home. They will have been interviewed in person by our experienced team and will have fully checked references. Our Housekeepers come from all over the world, but at SupaCare we insist on all successful candidates being able to speak and understand English to a reasonable level.

All the Housekeepers interviewed by SupaCare have to be in London for a personal meeting. You have the option of either choosing someone to Live-In or Live-Out, dependent on your individual needs.

The salary rates are discussed between the candidate and SupaCare Services.

Holiday arrangements are within the Governments guide lines. It is important to clarify if you require cover over the Bank Holidays.

The Role of the Housekeeper

The role of the Housekeeper London is varied and will differ within every household. Every Housekeeper from SupaCare is accommodating, experienced and responsible. They take pride in their work and our Housekeepers are keen, organised and dependable. They will have checkable references.

SupaCare have been working in the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years and are extremely skilled and experienced in finding the best candidates to employ.

The day to day responsibilities of a Housekeeper will vary but usually includes tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing. Some may assist with the cooking or be involved in general household duties such as shopping for groceries or taking things to the dry cleaners. The aim of a Housekeeper London is to free up your time so you can carry on with your busy life and know that the management of your home is in safe hands.

Live-Out Housekeepers are happy to commute to your home in London. Alternatively, you can talk to us about employing a Live-In Housekeeper. The decision is usually determined by the number of hours you require a Housekeeper and the range of responsibilities. Whichever option you choose, all our candidates are prepared to work the number of hours you require.

The salary for Live-In staff is based on a weekly rate. For someone living out and doing full time the same would apply. For an employee who is living out an hourly would be negotiated.

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