Top 7 magazines that will improve your home and lifestyle

Top 7 magazines that will improve your home and lifestyle

Featuring advice ranging from horticulture and home improvement, relationships to DIY, cooking and exercising, these magazines are perfect for those looking to improve their home lives in today’s busy world.

Good Housekeeping

As its title suggests, Good Housekeeping certainly has plenty to say concerning the upkeep of a well-maintained home and has had since it was first published in 1885. What many people won’t know however, is that over its 130 year history it has seen contributions from such notable authors as Somerset Maughham, Evelyn Waugh and Virginia wolf, and has always also held a rare socially conscious viewpoint.

Cigarette advertising was banned from its pages in 1952, 12 years before warning labels were required by law to be displayed on packs, for example, and it was an advocate of pure food way back in 1906. Now still going strong in print and online, if offers tips ranging from how to deal with stains and manage a clutter-free existence, right the way through to expert money management advice, fashion, gardening, beauty, health, holidays, in-depth and highly engaging articles on a wide array of subjects, and even reviews of motor vehicles.


Originally published in Paris in 1982, Prima has been available in the UK since 1986 and still caters for readers of all ages by offering real-life stories based on genuine, inspiring and often life-affirming experiences. The subjects it covers are broad, but are always handled with warmth and a sense of fun which makes for a magazine that’s always helpful and never gloomy, constantly smiling and never frowning.

It’s grounded in reality too, and so offers attainable, wearable fashion tips, practical beauty advice, recipes that are simple to prepare, and a whole host of tricks that can be applied around the home to help make your living environment that little bit more special.

Woman & Home

Woman & Home is another publication whose history goes back a long, long way, having first appeared on news shelves in 1926. Now dedicated to women aged 35 and over who want to make the most of life and enjoy fresh, modern style and epitomize a brand new attitude, it’s full of a positive spirit and crammed with elegant and glamorous fashion advice, beautiful ideas for improving and maintaining the home, travel and tourism tips, mouth-watering recipes, expert career pointers, and inspirational stories about real women in exceptional circumstances.

Awarded the prize of Consumer Magazine of the Year in 2014, it’s a classic magazine that has adapted, evolved and gone from strength to strength to consistently impress every single month.

Country Living

Even those who enjoying living in the centers of major metropolises will find plenty within the pages of this periodical that will be of interest, as despite its name it’s not aimed solely at those who live deep within the greenery of the countryside.

Offering practical advice on how to improve and maintain homes and gardens with a certain country spirit, and covering rural affairs as well as health and environmental issues, seasonal food, recipes and crafting ideas, it regularly provides all the inspiration anyone could need to bring an extra dash of orchestrated nature to their home, wherever that home may be.


Aimed at women at the beginning of their busy adult life who are enjoying their first house, first child, or even first serious relationship, this monthly magazine helps to bring harmony to an otherwise uneven life-work balance and offers smart, simple solutions to a great number of situations.

Consistently entertaining and always informative, it offers remarkably wide ranging ideas to help them get the very best out of every day and provides an excellent blend of stylish and affordable fashion advice, relationship tips, health pointers, ingenious household and personal wellbeing guidance, and other such everyday assistance that can often prove invaluable. Always full of useful, affordable ideas, Essentials is true to its name.

House & Garden

Launched in 1901 as a journal totally dedicated to architecture, the modern iteration of this long-standing publication is now a wonderfully in-depth sourcebook of wider ideas that are sure to inspire any householder in numerous ways.

Not only does it provide coverage of the latest, most innovative as well as classical interior and exteriors design and decoration concepts, it includes fantastic features on travel and tourism, exceedingly informed guides to fine wines, and regularly includes some of the most exciting and alluring recipes imaginable, as well as guides to the latest restaurants and eateries. It’s simply perfect if you’re looking to improve your home or lifestyle in general, and is guaranteed to instantly kick-start your imagination.

Your Home

If you’re looking for a magazine that’s grounded in reality and doesn’t get carried away by featuring page after page of glossy but prohibitively expensive ideas for improving your home – then you should definitely flick thorough Your Home. Regularly featuring highly informative and illuminating advice from celebrity experts, every issue provides plenty of interest for those looking for contemporary decorating and DIY tidbits as well as useful guides to getting the very best out of available space, inside or out.

From simple sewing projects to ingenious ways to revamp tired furniture, landscape a garden, or totally alter the entire essence of your home, this magazine offers refreshingly attainable ideas that won’t take months to carry out, or require a considerable budget, and recipes that can be followed without first having to track down rare ingredients.