Reducing accidents through good housekeeping

Reducing accidents through good housekeeping

Great housekeeping means that the home stays hygienic, safe and offers a welcoming environment to all. Housekeeper services are a vital part of having a tidy and happy life and they offer many benefits.

Having a Housekeeper means that the family can carry on their lives and know their property is not only clean, but is safe from bugs and germs. There is also the protection from potential hazards.

Why is housekeeping important?

A poorly managed house can lead to accidents or hidden hazards. It’s not just about being clean, it’s about rooms being organised and neat as well as looking at the overall spaces and their layout. Good housekeeping can also be an aid to fire prevention through being vigilant in the visual inspection of areas such as electrical appliance and noticing damage to sockets or light fittings.

With a vigilant Housekeeper in London from SupaCare life for the family can carry on without the worry of accidents waiting to happen.

Over time, not having a Housekeeper’s services can mean a greater risk of trips on loose objects on the floor or on the stairs, being hit by badly stored items, slipping on greasy or wet floors and surfaces which will harbour bacteria through the lack of time to thoroughly clean.

What are the benefits of good housekeeping?

Good housekeeping means there’s an ongoing plan of management; a programme devised between the employer and the Housekeeper which suits the lifestyle of the family and the skills of the person who has joined them.

A Housekeeper will ensure that not only is every room sparklingly clean, there will be no build-up of clutter or spills. In turn, their work will mean there is less of a fire risk as items such as smoke alarms will be cleaned and checked and any electrical appliances used can be reported as faulty when needed.

The improvement in hygiene will mean a more healthy family atmosphere in general as well as the family having a positive environment to live in. A clean home is one which will have a much higher sensation of morale and well-being than one which is piled high with dishes to wash, floors to mop and newspapers to throw away.

Devising a housekeeping plan

Creating a housekeeping plan from when your Housekeeper first joins the family means that every aspect of the home can be examined and solutions put into place from the beginning. It means that duplication of work will be avoided and will also show the day to day schedule of where is to be cleaned.

A housekeeping plan is incredibly beneficial in dividing up tasks which need completing daily, weekly, monthly or less frequently. For Housekeepers, London can be a place of dust and fumes depending on the location so it’s never about fully achieving the work, it’s about regular maintenance and this is where a plan is invaluable.

A housekeeping plan will cover the following:

  • Removal of dirt and dust

  • Management of the clearing and cleaning of different surfaces such as worktops and floors

  • Light fixtures; cleaning and awareness of bulbs requiring replacing

  • Dealing with spills quickly and effectively

  • Looking after tools and equipment which are part of the role

  • Disposal of waste

  • Storage management; this could include personal effects so should be carried out in conjunction with the employer

Good housekeeping will be a natural skill of an experienced Housekeeper in London. They will bring knowledge of how to manage the home so as to minimise the likelihood of accidents or near misses. Working together will mean that the family can live their lives knowing their home is free of hazards and parents can have peace of mind that their children are not living in an unhygienic home.