Ways to make your family life easier

Ways to make your family life easier

Trying to balance family life with a career can feel like a juggling act. There’s never enough hours in the day to fully commit to your job when you also need to be at school to pick up the children and once you return home you realise there’s still a great deal of housework to tackle. Add in that you have a pile of household budget statements to plough through and you have a corporate dinner party to organise and host, it’s no wonder you feel rushed off your feet.

The solution is to employ experts in their field to take the stress and strain out of your day. Experienced Housekeepers, Nannies, Chauffeurs and even Butlers are available as either live in or live out positions. Their knowledge and dedication means you can leave your home in safe hands and concentrate on other areas of your life.


Whether a live in or live out Housekeeper is required, they will be a blessing to your life.  A Housekeeper agency can source those who are focused on managing your home whether it’s cleaning and keeping it organised, helping out with the cooking and shopping or even taking over administrative headaches. Once you have a Housekeeper, your life will be back on an even keel before you know it.


Being part of the lives of your children is so important but there are times when you need to combine caring for them along with your work. This means that you need someone to enrich their time when you can’t be there and this is where a nanny comes into their own.

A qualified nanny will be able to tend for all your children’s needs whether it’s creating healthy meals, helping them with homework, taking them to school or ensuring their bedrooms remain clean and tidy.

With an experienced nanny as part of your household, you will have the security and peace of mind that you can concentrate fully on your tasks at work knowing they are with someone you can trust.


Larger households may have a number of vehicles which are used for personal or business use. To create a professional image or to take the frustration out of driving in heavy traffic, a chauffeur is a welcome addition.

Knowledgeable and with an impeccable personality, a Chauffeur will be on hand to transport you and your family to wherever is needed or can pick up family or clients from locations such as the airport.


For homes with a number of staff already employed such as a Housekeeper, the Butler may take on the role of managing them on your behalf. You may choose to combine their responsibilities with positions such as chauffeur or valet and a modern title often given is house manager.

Butlers have a wealth of expertise which has been gathered over the years which means they are able to keep a confidence, know the boundaries of their relationship with the family and have excellent manners. They are able to deal with many situations whilst you are either at work or at home and when you have social occasions to organise they will pay a key part in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

If you feel then that life is passing you by and you’re not achieving everything you want to, look today at where you need the most support in the home and you’ll soon find you have everyone you need around you. Your family environment will then be relaxed and you’ll know that you can plan ahead without worrying about how you’ll fit everything in to just 24 hours a day.