Tips for fast and efficient cleaning

Tips for fast and efficient cleaning

Housekeepers have a busy part to play in any household. Whether a live in or live our role, no two days are the same and there’s always a long list of tasks to carry out.

A Housekeeper agency will only employ those who are experienced and diligent so cutting corners is never advisable. It is however a good idea to know how to prioritise jobs and to manage time well so everything is clean and organised.

Here then are the top tips for how to carry out speedy but effective cleaning around the home.

Basic routines

desk-notebook-office-greyKeeping up with basic routines means that overall cleaning will never spiral out of control. A good housekeeper will have their own rhythm of routines which mean a daily upkeep of the home and ensuring time is plentiful for everything else.  Routines mean that cleaning doesn’t take as long each day and there’s no build-up to tackle.

It’s easy to forget how much time is being spent ensuring a job is done well. If you only want or need to spend 15 minutes cleaning a particular part of a room or the house, set a timer so you know when it’s time to move on to other areas. A timer will quickly become the best friend of any busy housekeeper.

Clean as you go

Once you have the habit of cleaning as you go, you’ll constantly surprise yourself at how many jobs seem to have magically completed themselves whereas the reality is you’ve been chipping away bit by bit by cleaning up in bite size chunks.

Experienced Housekeepers know that cleaning as they go can save hours and some of the best habits to have include:

  • Soaking dishes immediately after cooking
  • Starting the dishwasher immediately the table is cleared
  • Removing clothes from the tumble drier and hanging up immediately
  • If in the role of a live-in Housekeeper, cleaning the shower after use and wiping the sink after brushing teeth

Clean logically

Needing to clean the home thoroughly in all rooms means using the time available logically. There are also patterns to follow within specific rooms which make cleaning quicker such as cleaning from the top of the kitchen to the bottom. Wipe the fronts of eye level cupboards, then tiles and splashbacks. Move on to cleaning appliances and then the work tops. Carry on downward to make the lower cupboard drawers and doors sparkle and end with sweeping and then mopping the floor. Clean the floors as the last job in the room and remember to do it whilst backing out as otherwise you’ll either have to make footprints across the flooring or waste time waiting in a corner for it to dry.

Cleaning in an efficient way is beneficial in that it shows planning and organisation skills; both important when employed as a housekeeper.

Speed cleaning doesn’t mean completing only half a job, it means that the professional Housekeeper knows how to divide their day in the most effective way and that the end result will be a calm and restful environment for everyone.