How to decide how often you need a Housekeeper

How to decide how often you need a Housekeeper

When you’ve made the decision to employer a Housekeeper, one of the first and most important aspects to think about is how often you will require their expertise.

A Housekeeper in London can either be employed as live in or live out and work full or part time hours. Before choosing a candidate, thought should be given to your needs, your lifestyle and schedule as well as that of the family.

Full time

With a full time, live in Housekeeper, you can really appreciate the benefits of inviting a skilled and experienced person to be part of your household.

A live in Housekeeper can really lighten the burden of a very busy life as they can not only manage the cleaning of your home, they can also organise various aspects such as shopping, cooking, some childcare duties and even look after your social diary and travel arrangements.



vacuum-cleaner-268161_640 (1)With a job and a home to juggle, the decision is often to employ a live in Housekeeper. If you don’t have the accommodation though, a full time live out employee will be an advantage.

Trusted with access to your home as you work or look after the children, for any Housekeeper London will always be a preferred location to further their experience. A live out Housekeeper can undertake almost all the tasks as one who lives in such as keeping your property sparkling clean, supervising tradesmen who are there to carry out repairs, arrange to go shopping for you and even prepare some light meals.


A Housekeeper with a weekly contract is a popular choice. Many people don’t feel they have the need for someone to visit every day or to live in because there isn’t the workload.

If you want someone to give the house a light but regular cleaning and perhaps reduce the ironing, then a weekly arrangement is ideal. It means you’ll always stay on top of household tasks and can ask for support with less regular jobs such as oven or carpet cleaning.



If you only stay at a property part time or have a holiday home, a monthly Housekeeper will keep your accommodation fresh and clean for when you want to stay. If there’s nobody there on a regular basis then the workload will be light and will suit Housekeepers, who are London based and want just a few hours of work or have a portfolio of clients.