Skills and Personality Strengths to look for in a Housekeeper

Skills and Personality Strengths to look for in a Housekeeper

Finding the right housekeeper for your busy family will create positive benefits for all. This may sound a huge claim, but not being able to stay on top of the housework – washing, ironing, keeping cobwebs from the ceiling and having a shiny bath to fill with relaxing warm water at the end of the day can lead to frustration and a sense of losing control.

Housekeeper services mean the end to the never-ending cycle of trying to clean one part of the home whilst the rest just becomes more cluttered. It’s vital though to find a housekeeper who you can enjoy a great working relationship with and they have the professional skills required.

Consider the skills required to match your circumstances

Everyone has a different home and work life and so the skills required will differ. As an example, families will have large amounts of laundry whereas a single person won’t have nearly so much. This then leads to the amount of ironing required which in itself is a much sought after service for those who simply don’t have time during the working week. A large property will have a great deal of dusting to keep on top of as opposed to an apartment and the couple who likes to entertain will more than likely have an expansive kitchen and dining area which takes more than the usual amount of organisation.

Core skills required by all housekeepers

There are some core skills and ideals which are the basis of every professional housekeeper. They must be:

  • Trustworthy

You will be trusting your housekeeper to be honest. They will have pretty much free reign of your home and often it will be when you aren’t there. You need to know they will take care of your possessions, will let you know if there is accidental damage and that they can keep a confidence for any private information they see or hear.

  • Loyal

This is particularly relevant if you employ a live-out housekeeper. With everything else to manage; the school run perhaps or knowing you need to stay to a late meeting at the office, receiving a call to say they are cancelling can really create problems. A loyal housekeeper is someone you can depend on to be there to carry out their work and recognise how important their loyalty is to their employer.

  • Flexible

Having a schedule is part of being a housekeeper; carrying out certain tasks on specific days or in a particular order. An experienced housekeeper however will know that they need to be flexible – there can often be unexpected guests and room changes and an experience housekeeper will be able to adapt whilst continuing to maintain a high standard.

  • Hardworking

The best housekeepers take exceptional pride in the work they carry out. They arrive at work on time, have cleaning schedules which have been agreed with their employer, are meticulous in their standards and enjoy using their housekeeping knowledge to create a relaxing environment for everyone.

Know the specific requirements for your family, why you’re looking to employ a housekeeper and utilise the skills of a specialist agency like SupaCare to find you someone reliable and experienced. It will only be a short time before the benefits are recognised – the home will be well-managed and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the decision sooner.