The Role of the modern Housekeeper

The Role of the modern Housekeeper

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The traditional stereotype of a Housekeeper is often someone who cleans the home and (perhaps does a little cooking). That’s not the reality in the 21st century though as the modern Housekeeper often needs specialist skills and experience as well as being able to manage the household through their excellent organisation.

A Housekeeper agency like SupaCare can source the perfect Housekeeper for you and your family so they fit in with your lifestyle as well as possessing the skillset you need. They will now often have other responsibilities as well as keeping the home running smoothly; the dovetailing of the tasks will mean that everyone can then manage their own busy schedules as well as a having a relaxing home life.

Housekeeper and Nanny

Being a full time nanny is certainly a role in itself but if there isn’t the need for someone to be there all the time, a suitably experienced Housekeeper with excellent childcare knowledge can also be employed.

Combining the nanny aspects of the job could mean taking on the school run, feeding the children and overseeing homework if the parents have long working hours.

Housekeeper and Cook

potato-544073_640It’s fairly common that a Housekeeper will have some cooking responsibilities as part of their role. The needs of some families though may need someone who has professional expertise in creating dinner party food or organising the cuisine for a party. They may also need to be able to offer meals for specific dietary needs as well as being the full time cook when they accompany the family to their holiday home.

Housekeeper and PA

Housekeeper agencies are often asked for a new member of the household who can manage administrative areas of life such as the household shopping budget or to answer the phone and take messages when the family are at work. It’s also becoming increasingly popular to include tasks such as diary management, travel arrangements and the overseeing of other household paperwork into the overall role of Housekeeper.

Housekeeper and Personal Maid

For those Housekeepers who have experience in working on a one to one basis with their employer, being a personal maid is a position of great importance. As well as the usual Housekeeping duties such as cleaning and cooking, the Housekeeper who is also a personal maid may be asked to choose clothing to be worn or be a personal shopper for new outfits and accessories.

It’s a specialised role and there are Housekeepers of this calibre available who focus their career on combining house management with personal services.

A large household will mean that the Housekeeper could be supervising cleaning staff and this then frees them to undertake the work in the other areas of their position.

Whatever the scope of the role, every Housekeeper should be flexible, competent and self-motivated. They need to be there for the family when they are at home as well as being able to carry out their work unsupervised at other times. Whether it’s washing the laundry, managing the presence of tradesmen carrying out repairs or cooking a sumptuous banquet for 12, a Housekeeper is a pivotal and highly appreciated member of any household.