Why employ a Housekeeper?

Why employ a Housekeeper?

A memory able to remember 101 different things at once. Ears that hear everything and a mouth that will never whisper a secret. Arms as strong as a weightlifter and feet that would rival a pair of army boots. A Housekeeper’s job is one that is not only tough but very rewarding. Able to make a bed in 20 seconds flat, cook a meal worthy of Michelin stars, hoover up while making mental notes of anything else that needs doing and ensuring that everything else is ship-shape.


Everybody has a different reason for employing a Housekeeper but here we have 10 reasons why employing a Housekeeper may just be the best decision that you will ever make. It is true the housework is a never ending task, there is always something to do so why not make life easier on yourself and enlist the help of a military style operation that may just keep you on top of everything. It doesn’t matter if you work 100 hours a week, have 4 young children or just don’t want to do it, Supacare can find a solution to your problem and leave you able to concentrate on what really matters in your home, your own life.


A Housekeeper has likely to have done this job for years or at least has managed to pick up a few bits and bobs in their time. They are the crème de la crème of the house managing world and will be able to do things 10 times quicker than you ever will. They are adept at multi-tasking and will be thinking about the next task before you have even thought of it.


Are there not enough hours in the day to even eat, let alone attempt that growing ironing pile? You need some help. A Housekeeper will free up a lot of your precious time, allowing you to concentrate on the things that actually matter, reducing stress levels and ensuring you can put your full attention on more important matters.


A Housekeeper can be scheduled to come in on certain days of the week, meaning that if you are working from home and do not want to be interrupted, you can get on with other work.


What a Housekeeper doesn’t know about keeping things in order isn’t worth knowing. Over the years and from passed down tips a Housekeeper will have the solutions for nearly any stain. They’ll have tips coming out of their ears regarding the best ways to do things in the most efficient manner and will not flinch when you mention a red wine stain on a cushion.


There will not be much that a Housekeeper hasn’t seen or heard. Blessed with a tongue that will not spoil any secret or spill gossip a Housekeeper is trained to see everything but say nothing, meaning that you can go about your own business without fear of repercussions.


What do you value in life? Is it your family, your work or the never ending laundry pile? A Housekeeper will allow you to focus on the things in life that matter. The laundry pile is not going to get any smaller by looking at it and worrying over it. It’s a fact of life, it happens. Being able to focus on what is important to you is a necessity.

Increase your income

Yes believe it or not, a Housekeeper is not an empty investment. By freeing up your own time will enable you to concentrate on earning more money. If you take into account the hours that you spend doing domestic chores and equate that into your own hourly rate, how much time are you losing?

Delicious food

Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Dinner party? A Housekeeper will be able to rustle up a delicious meal in half the time that it will take you to go to the shop to buy the groceries. Impress your friends with your lack of cooking finesse with a home cooked, nutritious meal suitable for a king (or queen).

A healthier environment

When you don’t have time to clean the build-up of dirt, bacteria and dust, it can cause an unhealthy environment, especially if you have young children in the home. A Housekeeper will keep everything cleaner meaning your little ones can crawl about without fear of nasty germs striking.


A Housekeeper will be reliable, it is part of their job to be. They will turn up when they are supposed to and will do their tasks when you ask.

Show some love to a Housekeeper today and start your new stress free life.